The Verdicchio Crossroad

There are many wine tastings. Nevertheless, some remain deeply etched in our memories for a long time.
In late August, we came together as a team to participate in an event organized by PR comunicazione: The Verdicchio Crossroad…

The event was organised by our friend Saverio Russo who usually, several times a year, compares vintages and wineries of the area he comes from. It was valuable to us, instead, because we were very interested for our new wine list and were looking for – and are looking for – wines that are able to move us and that can accompany most of our dishes.

We came together as a team for an event

Photograph by Olga Rudakova

Blind tasting more than 40 Verdicchio wines was truly useful and fun.

Verdicchio – yes or no?

In the end, we chose two wines from the same winery, which furthermore were ‘Intruders’ (az. Fontezoppa: incrocio bruni 54 and Ribona) and a Verdicchio from the Jesi castles (Tenuta San Marcello).

During the first part of the tasting, Saverio was left to sip the wines ‘in peace’ without any peer pressure while secretly recording his impressions winery by winery. Impressions that were then delivered only to those directly affected.

At a later stage, together with his friends Fernando Pardini, Gianluca Domenici and Lorenzo Coli, we also took part in a blind wine tasting and the Pesce Briaco team selected the two wines mentioned above to expand our Italian wine offer.

It was great fun to sample all those Verdicchios and frankly, most of them struck a chord with me. The “Metodo Classico” wines were also very interesting.

It was very comforting and validating that the Oste, Sommelier Evangelista and the Sommelier all gave a prize to the same wines we had selected.

Undoubtedly, our wine tasting was seeking wines with certain characteristics, and this definitely influenced the choice. It is also curious that, especially the case of the San Marcello winery, the ‘naturalness’ of the product was and is one of their strong points.

Once again, thank you Riccardo Gabriele and Saverio Russo for the opportunity you gave us and see you at the next “Crossroads”..

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