The Restaurant

A wine restaurant where you can enjoy well-selected wines, the fruit of a long and continuous search that compliments the cuisine of Chefs Maurizio Marsili and Alessandro Lucchinelli.

The restaurant is divided in the Dining room, with few intimate tables, and the Tasting room that is perfect for a private event or to participate in the many wine tasting guided evenings.

Our philosophy

The philosophy is rooted in our history. Our constant quest for territory identity, both in food products and in wine making, is unmistakable in the dishes and wines we offer. The result of a daily search to keep our restaurant up to date with newly discovered culinary gems.

Who we are

Executive Chef Maurizio Marsili was Angelo Paracucchi’s assistant for 12 years; Alessandro Luchinelli is our Chef de Cuisine and is quite familiar with the Stars; Dmitry Rudakov, is our Evangelist Sommelier with many years of experience in drinking outstanding wines and Director Andrea Maggi, known as the Oste Moderno, or modern innkeeper.

Why Pesce Briaco

Two well-established projects joined forces, Vigna Ilaria and True Wine . In order to mark the great change, we created Pesce (fish, the protagonist of the kitchen) Briaco (drunken, to remind us as an inside joke of the importance of the wine list in our new venture).

The summer garden is tastefully furnished and mirrors the interior style. A few intimate tables “al fresco” nestled among aromatic plants and exotic fruit trees.

The colors white and copper dominate the scene, blending in perfectly with the environment that once again mirrors of our Chef’s cuisine.

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