Health and Safety

We always cared about your safety as we care about ours.

Today the service in the dining room and kitchen has been further remodeled in compliance with the new sector laws and regulations, which we have implemented and integrated to facilitate the prevention and containment of the spread of Covid-19.

Restaurants (especially where the distance between the tables has always been sufficiently guaranteed) and hotels are safe places.

We will take care of you.

Our specially designed system requires only a few precautions on your end. We will take care of the rest, so that you can serenely spend your evening, safely, in peace.

Some Small Guidelines that we kindly ask you to follow:


  • Always reserve and communicate if further interpersonal distance between diners at the same table is required;
  • Use the mask throughout the restaurant, except when sitting at your table;
  • Sanitize your hands at the entrance and exit with the products at your disposal;
  • Do not use the toilette simultaneously with other people.




  • Communicate the arrival time so that the room can be further sanitized just before your arrival;
  • Use the mask in the whole B&B, except when you are in your room;
  • Sanitize your hands at the entrance and exit with the products at your disposal.



Us for You

  • We have changed many internal dynamics to limit critical points and improve service;
  • In the kitchen, in the dining room and at the reception, we work with suitable protection systems;
  • Before and after coming into contact with food or approaching customers to serve them, we sanitize our hands with specific products;
  • All the rooms are sanitized and aired continuously;
  • The service will be carried out in the garden throughout the summer;
  • The tables have been further spaced and their number reduced;
  • Possibility of booking indoor room for exclusive use for 12/14 people table;
  • The menu has been digitized, it can be consulted through your own or our devices that are sanitized before and after each use;
  • The areas of the restaurant, the kitchen and the rooms of the B&B are sanctified with specific alcohol-based products, all certified, and also with ozone sanitization systems.



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