The Wine Cellar

A wine cellar created without making any compromises. That stems from years and years of tastings and studies right at your fingertips “as is” and free from bias.

They are “Vini Veri”, True Wines, which answer our Innkeaper’s careful selection. A journey that begins from the glass and finishes in the vineyard, passing through the manufacturer, terroir and climate, promoting, among others, wines from the Luccesia and wines from “Lucca Biodinamica”.


True Wine. “Vini Veri”. Two words, that are simple, but full of meaning. Ours is not a wine list – a mere list of names – but rather a philosophical quest. Year after year, passion has driven us to taste many wines and from every place. This has enriched us personally and professionally to the point of creating a thinking about a wine route meant for those who are discovering with us the beauty of this world.

We like thinking that we do not serve wine, but that we are rather narrating a part of ourselves, which we want to share with you. Our life philosophy expressed through what we consider true and vibrant wines. Not a hike, but a companionable stroll, a bit like Aristotle and his disciples, but with a glass of wine in our hand. Have a good walk.

In loving memory

More than a decade with the wine glass in my hands and never a boring moment. To me wine is more than a job: friends to discover, places to visit, farmers to learn from. All of this never tires me out. I’m not fond of rankings, all I do drinking wine is close my eyes and feel the inside of the bottle. A reverse path that brings me in the canteen, while the owner taps the barrel. In the outdoors while I walk among the vineyards trying to impress in my memories a whole story.

Simone Morosi 1974-2013

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