Pesce Briaco on Rotta del Vino e dell’Olio

What could possibly be added to exquisite cuisine paired with good wine? What a wonderful, perfect couple! Yet in an unusual, extreme environment the familiar taste and aroma unfold themselves differently.

That was probably how the founders of Rotta del Vino e dell’Olio 2016 came by the idea to send restaurants’ Chiefs out into the sea, to prepare their food on the sailing yachts.

Yacht Crew Maria Victoria

Photograph by Olga Rudakova

The yacht crews took part in the regatta, while the restaurant teams worked to showcase their dishes to the jury after they have reached the finish line.
And also, of course, to feed and regale the crew with wine. Our wonderful Chiefs Maurizio Marsili and Alessandro Luccinelli were there with the dish Diversamento Conservati. It is a popular dish in our menu, but they freshened it up for the regatta..

Mackerel filet, anchovies, eel filet coupled with marinated sweet onions, some soft mashed potatoes, chips made from celeriac and beetroot – delicate tastes and different textures emphasize and underline each other.

It was obvious that everyone enjoyed 25th of September at Cala de’Medici: the yacht crews, the restaurant teams, the jury and the guests of the event.

When you take a small piece of the most delicate eel with tomato and herb salsa, drink some Sauvignon, the wind in the sails, the warm and gentle sun and neverending watery waste turn your dinner into a true adventure. Create new experiences for yourself! We look forward to seeing you!

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