Wine tastings

A unique wine cellar, polished and refined in every detail, that we wish to share with you during you special evenings. A private room with a convivial table to learn while having fun.

Join us and participate in events dedicated to wine!

Every month

Every month we discover a different vine, an area, a wine feature and every night, in addition to the evening special tasting, you can opt for a tasting by the glass choosing from our extensive wine list.

Every Wednesday

Every Wednesday, we organize different theme nights: first-approach and detailed-study evenings all the way to the “special” evening where open some of the most important bottles. At the same time, every night our customers can choose the theme wine of the month by the glass.

Meetings in the Dark

Dedicated wine-lovers can also enjoy other tastings like “Meetings in the Dark” (blind tastings) or special evenings in the company of great wines, when we open rare and precious bottles to share them with you.

Wine Tastings Schedule

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